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Helper I
Helper I

Count Values In Each Row (4 options) need it for stack bar chart



I have a ticketing system I made with four options currently. ABF, GPON, Light Green and Not available on each address that is submitted for review.

My data is coming from a sharepoint list into power bi. 


I need a way to count the number of times each word is in here per "Ticket Status". (Across if that makes sense) 

I will attatch a screenshot. I am trying to create a bar chart that will tell me how many were ABF, GPON, Light Green and Not available per ticket status. I will attatch photos to help with this. Basically I need to count the values for Completed. 


Things to note, 


I have 40 "Potential Address Results" columns #1-#40

and I have a TicketStatus Column with options unassinged, assigned, working, and completed. 


Completed is the only important one here 


I cannot unpivot the data 


I need it to look this like... please help! 


Thank you 

Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @karlamaddox1 

Could you share relevant screenshots to further clarify your question? Please save the screenshot locally before uploading,

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason

Super User
Super User


best option is to unpivot the 40 columns using power query. Once done the rest is simple. 


Stupid question.. how do I do that? 


What I was trying to do now was take each column something like 

Calculate(Countrows( Table name ( column ) = "ABF") 


But if this is easier I will totally do it! You have no idea how much you are helping me. 



Open the query editor.

Select the 40 columns > right click > select unpivot

I tried to take your advice but it broke my query. I had to contact microsoft and they could not figure it out. Do you have another option that you know of to be able to  look at the filters for each column and give me a total such as this? I have 40 columns 


So sorry for that!

nothing in my mind now. I will thibk it over again and let you know if any solution comes to my mind. 

Hey there, I am working on unpivioting the coumns. What is the next step from here? 


Ok I appreciate it. I am going to look into how I can group the those columns together for now. 

I was going through my old notifications and just noticed that I did not reply to you. I remember I read the message but apparently forgot to reply to you. Please accept my appology. Can you please sahre a sample file to work with and explain with examples the expected results. Thanks and have a great day!

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