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Converting Tableau Calculation to PowerBI DAX

Need help to convert the following below tableau calculation into dax


IF [Renewal Date] >= DATE(STR(DATEPART('year',[HighDateValue Max]))+'-'+STR(1)+'-'+STR(1))
AND [Renewal Date] <= DATE(STR(DATEPART('year',[HighDateValue Max]))+'-'+STR(3)+'-'+STR(31)) THEN '1 Jan - 31 Mar'


Renewal Date - date (Datatype)

HighDateValue Max - date (Datatype)


First line - DATE(STR(DATEPART('year',[HighDateValue Max]))+'-'+STR(1)+'-'+STR(1))

Output - 01-01-2016 01-01-2017 01-01-2018 01-01-2019 01-01-2020 01-01-2021 01-01-2022


Second line - DATE(STR(DATEPART('year',[HighDateValue Max]))+'-'+STR(3)+'-'+STR(31))

Output - 31-03-2016 31-03-2017 31-03-2018 31-03-2019 31-03-2020 31-03-2021 31-03-2022


Helper II
Helper II

IF([Renewal Date] >= DATE(YEAR(HighDateValue[Max])+'-'&TEXT(DAY(HighDateValue[Max])+1)+'-'&TEXT(MONTH(HighDateValue[Max])+1))
AND [Renewal Date] <= DATE(YEAR(HighDateValue[Max])+'-'&TEXT(DAY(HighDateValue[Max])+3)+'-'&TEXT(MONTH(HighDateValue[Max])+3)))
THEN "1 Jan - 31 Mar"

Super User
Super User

Hi @Dragpunk ,

For first Line DATE(STR(DATEPART('year',[HighDateValue Max]))+'-'+STR(1)+'-'+STR(1)), you can use below DAX :

DATE(YEAR('Date Data'[HighDateValue Max ].[Date]), "1","1")


For Second Line DATE(STR(DATEPART('year',[HighDateValue Max]))+'-'+STR(1)+'-'+STR(1)), you can use below DAX:

DATE(YEAR('Date Data'[HighDateValue Max ].[Date]), "3","31")


And overall column can have below DAX expression:

DAX Result = IF('Date Data'[Renewal Date ].[Date] >= DATE(YEAR('Date Data'[HighDateValue Max ].[Date]), "1","1") && 'Date Data'[Renewal Date ].[Date] <= DATE(YEAR('Date Data'[HighDateValue Max ].[Date]), "3","31"), "1 Jan - 31 Mar")


This will give you below result for sample renewal date and HighDateValue Max,



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