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Resolver I
Resolver I

Convert, Translate Lengthy Excel Formulas into DAX-Based Data Model in Power BI?

Hi all - I've been tasked with creating a data model in DAX/Power BI that replicates calculations from a complex Excel workbook which is full of conditionals, locked and relative cell references, column and row aggregations and other kinds of typical Excel formulas. Much of these are done to render a clean reporting view of the data, so I figured there's got to be a simpler, easier way to break down these calculations in DAX?


I've been able to make some progress on about half of it, but am stuck on the formula below.


I was curious to know if someone could offer some more generalized advice on how to approach these kinds of conversions or re-creations of Excel formulas. In Excel, I find many of the nested conditionals to be unreadable and confusing. 


I'm somewhat adept at DAX, but certain concepts still present challenges for me, so I was hoping this would be a great learning opportunity to really improve my skills and knowledge. 


Does anyone have any input or ideas about how best to approach solving for these kinds of conversion tasks from Excel into DAX?






Super User
Super User

Hi @williamadams12 

the best best approach is not to think with excel mentality and stop trying to google translate excel formulas into dax. Please explain what are you trying to achieve ande provide sample data with the expected results so we can guide you through. 

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