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Helper I
Helper I

Circular dependency when using calculated column



This is my scenario. I have one table with % rates for different terms. My goal is to display a line graph that shows how the rate increases over time. So, if the rate in the first term was 1% and the rate in the second term was 2%, I want to see it it ploted as 1%, 3%.

My approach so far was to create a calculated column(Result) based on a Rate and Value columns, using the value as an index to keep adding the previous Rate to the next one. It worked so far.
My problem is that I manually entered the Rate values but want them to be dynamical, calculating them from another table where the data is.
What I tried is another calculated column that does that calculation and now I have the ActualRate.

When I tried to now substitute the new ActualRate for the original Rate in my Result column. I get a circular dependency error, so I got stuck there.

I tried replacing the ActualRate calculated column as a measure, but the thing is that it does not add the previous values, it just displays the term.
Here is my code for the Result calculated column:

Result =
VAR _currentRATE = Progression[Rate]
VAR _currentValue = Progression[Value]
VAR _sum = SUMX(FILTER('Progression', Progression[Value] <= _currentValue), Progression[Rate])
VAR _last0 = CALCULATE(MAX(Progression[Value]), FILTER(Progression, Progression[Value] < _currentValue && Progression[Value] = 0))
RETURN IF(_currentRATE = 0, 0,
SUMX(FILTER(Progression, Progression[Value] >= _last0 && Progression[Value] <= _currentValue), Progression[Rate]))

and my code for the ActualRate calculated column or measure:
ActualRate = if(
                 CALCULATE(sum(Masterfile[Awarded]),Masterfile[STATUS]="GRD") * 100 = 0,
                 0,CALCULATE(sum(Masterfile[Awarded]),Masterfile[STATUS]="GRD") * 100)

This is how my columns look like:




And this is the current Result (with the measure) agains the expected Result (with the Rate calculated column):


Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Super User
Super User

Hi @Pablinho try the last part 

CALCULATE(sum(Masterfile[Awarded]),Masterfile[STATUS]="GRD") * 100 

put into variable and this replace in ActualRate.  

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Thanks for the reply. I did the change to the ActualRate column, but the error persists. This is how the ActualRate column looks now:

ActualRate =
VAR _actualRate = CALCULATE(sum(Masterfile[Awarded]),Masterfile[STATUS]="GRD") * 100 
    _actualRate = 0,
Thank you.

Hi @Pablinho is statement below return any value at all?

CALCULATE(sum(Masterfile[Awarded]),Masterfile[STATUS]="GRD") * 100 

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Proud to be a Super User!

Yes, it gives the correct value but only for the ActualRate column. The error comes from the Result column when I try to use the ActualRate column value instead of the Rate one.

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