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Changing the color of rows in a table

I am working on a report that shows our current inventory and our minimum on hand inventory quantity. If the current inventroy is lower than what our min is then I want to highlight these records in red. I have watched a few videos that suggest creating a measure that looks something like this: 


if( [currentonhandinventory] < [minimumonhandinventory], "red" )


Has anyone ever done something like this? any responses will be helpful. 



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Color based on a calculation

You can create a calculation that outputs different values based on business logic conditions you select. Creating a formula is usually faster than creating multiple rules in the conditional formatting dialog.

For example, the following formula applies hex color values to a new Affordability rank column, based on existing Affordability column values:



To apply the colors, select Background color or Font color conditional formatting for the Affordability column, and base the formatting on the Field value of the Affordability rank column.



The example table with Affordability background color based on calculated Affordability rank looks like this:



You can create many more variations, just by using your imagination and some calculations.


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Thank you for the quick response @ribisht17 . I am trying to follow along with what you are saying but anything you might have posted after the ":" did not post. I am unable to see the formula and the example that you were able to provide. I am using the link you have also added. 




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