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Calculations with multiple dates

Hi everyone, 


I am working on an HR measure where we are trying to see how often leaders (positions) are changing in our organization. 

I have for each position, the employee who held the position, and the assignment start and end date. 

What I am trying to achieve is to count how many employees held a position in a year and assign a status (2 or less, perfect, 3 ok, more than 3 bad) and then calculate the % per department per year of how many positions are in each status. like this: 

status by dept by year.png
















Here is the link to the sample data: 

I can get the count to work by year by creating a date table with two inactive relationships, but to assign a status I created a sub-table from my main one, but  the date or year filter don't work on that table since the relationship is in active. 


Any help on this is appreciated. I might be going at it all wrong 😅since it's my first time working with data with multiple dates. 




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Hi @wdx223_Daniel @


Thank you for your reply. I tried it and for some reason I get the same results repeated for each year but it's different by the department. 

Do I need to create a relationship with the DimStatus table and any other tables? 




DimStatus has not any relationship with any table.

have you put the column of Status on the legend?

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Super User

Firstly,create a new table



Secondly,create a measure



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