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Helper I
Helper I

Calculation of the backlog based on the data from the previous lines


I need to calculate the number of rows, for dates from the "PLAN-FINISH" column that is less than PLAN-FINISH dates from the table gropuped by mohths (name of mohths are in Polish):

I need to count the rows for which the "ACTUAL-FINISH" date is later than month of "PLAN-FINISH" or empty.
This is the filtering example for January 2022:

Link to a sample pbix file


Thank you in advance for your help.


Solution Sage
Solution Sage


I checked it again and noticed you have mutltiple months on both sides for comparison.


I have calulated Late with both filters (Act Fin & Plan Fin). 


What exactly are you filtering on? You have many choices with plan start, plan finish, actual finish and open plans. There is only one column to connect the date table too, which is plan finish.


Here is the best I can do at this point: 


Hello Again:


If you could place a unique plan id number or index for each separate plan, it will be very benefical. Thank you.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi Marcin:


Please see attached file. I included late plans and late and unfinished plans. 

Thank you Whitewater100,


but unfortunatly it is not what I need to calcualte.

I need to count all the rows from the previous periods for which ACTL-FINISH is later than PLAN-FINISH, or ACTL-FINISH is empty.
For JAN it need to be 15 like on ths filter:Jan.PNG

 For February it is 20:



Thank you.



I understand you want cumulative total.  Becasue you said "ACTUAL-FINISH" date is later than month of "PLAN-FINISH" or empty, I come up with 10 for January 2022 and 20 for Fenbruary. There are some late plans but they finish in the same month as planned, but are late, but are not counted. Is this still the logic? I hope this is what you need:-) 

Thank you very much Whitewater100 for your afford, but it is not what I need to calculate.
I need tabele showing those values:



These are the counted numbers of rows for this filtering (this is example for January):




If anyone has an idea how to do it I would be grateful.
Thank you.


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