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Helper I
Helper I

Calculating groups

Dear community, 

I am facing a challenge to group sales from a fairly simple table. 

The table have total sales generated on both "OrderType" and "SalesChannel" which sums up to the same. However I would like to change the setup with the following needs, preferably through dax (running direct query): 


  • "Dining-In Sales" should only appear once
  • "Pick-Up Sales" should be zeroed
  • "Online Sales" should be calculated as follows: Online Sales - all Providers Sales

The decired result you can see on the right hand side. 

Thanks in advance. 

Sales Table.png

Helper I
Helper I

Hi Eason, 

Thanks a lot for the help. It all make sense, except the "Online Sales" line as I cant get it to subtract the [Providers Sales]. Do I need a RemoveFilter to calculate the [Providers Sales] or how do I get it to link with the "Online Sales" row? 

Thanks in advance.  

Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @Molin 

You may need create another measure like:

New Sales =
    MAX ( 'Table'[Provider] ),
    "Dining-In Sales", BLANK (),
    "Pick-Up Sale", 0,
    "Online Sales", [Online Sales] - [Providers Sales],

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason

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