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Bar Chart and Table Chart not showing correct values - DAX help

Hello All


I require assistance with a Measure calculation in Power BI.


Currently, the Bar Chart and TABLE A calculation are accurate, however, the values in Table B are not displaying correctly. For instance, when I select S06, the value in TABLE A is 8, whereas TABLE B is displaying an incorrect value of 2. 




The desired logic is to count S06 from Primary Code when I filter the Calculated Column [Section A] P1, and to count S06 from SecondaryCode when I filter the Calculated Column [Section B] P1. The intention is to capture the complete list of codes from both PrimaryCode and SecondaryCode columns.


Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Helper II
Helper II

As the model shows, you will never have a value of Zero as there are 2 entries for S06 and P 1 ?


Helper II
Helper II

Section B column has 2 Values that return P 1 ?





On this screenshot when you select P1, in the secondary column you have 0 value for S06. hope this clarifies....

Helper II
Helper II

What is the desired outcome for S06 P 1 in table B... should it be the toal of 10 or are you expecting something else ?

S06 in Table b = 0

Logic when you filter Section B COL by P1, on the secondary code their is 0 value against S06. Thanks

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