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Backing out from quarterly to monthly

Help me Rhonda! <---Also, not sure if Dax is the right place for this post, so please let me know if I should repost elsewhere.


Our organization collects performance measure data from internal program areas via Microsoft Power Apps. That info is stored in about a dozen SharePoint Lists. Data is entered in monthly (sometimes more often but that is because people make mistakes and have to re-enter the data). This shows in the lists pmd_element data. The App was originally designed to report on a quarterly basis, so that info gets rolled up to that time period for what was approved by the manager and shows in the pmd_measure data List. You'll see that the Numerator/Denominator columns are actually references to rows in the pmd_element data List, so they are referencing the entries that were ultimately approved and are legit.


How can I back out of this to show the monthly approved entries though? I've been able to do stuff on this quarterly basis, but now leadership wants it monthly and I'm losing my mind. The person who created the App left and I have hardly any experience in that realm.


On top of that, I also need to account for the fact there are different types of measures (e.g. percentage of calls taken vs a sum of number of complaints received) and that some measures are cumulative (aggregating for the year) and others non-cumulative (only needing to show for that quarter or other time period). There are other lists like pmd_target and pmd_measure that have columns to help with that aspect, but I'm lost on how to handle those as well.


Anyway, what do you think? What can I do? What extra info can I give you to help you help me 🙂


pmds.jpgelement data id.jpguse this one.jpgtarget.jpgmeasure.jpgcalendar.jpg

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So, I think mabe I need to split out the Numerator and Denominator values in the MeasureData List so I can filter what is in ElementData to only show those rows (Which signify approved/good rows), but I don't know how to do that.


I'm also wondering about that FiscalCalendar List. That's the only date table that exists in the model right now. Maybe I need to build something else and consolidate the separate Month/Year/Quarter columns together somehow? Thoughts on all of this?

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