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Helper I
Helper I

Background Color Conditional Format Based on External Rules


The Table on the left is actual aggregated value of sales across different states/Countries. While the table on left is a static table which has forecasted sales for each country/state. 

I would like to get the measure Sum Sales background colored based on the forecast raw input table. Currently I'm able to achieve this using a if else statement but it becomes too complex for huge list of countries. 

What could be a easy fix for this? 

Helper I
Helper I

@Tanushree_Kapse  Thanks for your comments. I got the gist of the solution. A calculated column and a measure as you suggested should together help solve this. 

So this is what i did. 

Step 1 : Created a calculated column which is made by 

Forecasted Value = LOOKUPVALUE(Reference[Forecast Sales 1],Reference[Country],'Fact'[Country],Reference[State],'Fact'[State])
Step 2: Created a measure called variance as 
Variance = SUM('Fact'[Sum Sales]) - AVERAGE('Fact'[Forecasted Value])



Helper I
Helper I

Thanks @Tanushree_Kapse , I'll give it a try. Meanwhile, would I require these two tables to be joined on state and country? 

@lalTel20 , Yes join them on country.

Thanks. But, wouldn't that create a calculation Error, since the forecast is not same for the entire country, it varies with the state. And i need to find the variance for each state. <Sorry if i havent understood this correctly>

Thank you for the file. 

In the provided file the join is based on State, which in this example are not unique. And as soon as I have additional record in the agg table which has the same state, it errors out. 







Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hi @lalTel20 ,

Create one measure to compare the two values:
SumVsForecast= SUM(Forecast Sales)- SUM(SumSales)

Then apply conditional formatting to the Sum Sales column:
Conditional formatting-> Background Color -> Format by : Rules -> Based on Field- SumVsForecast

If value is greater than equal to MIN number and less than equal to 0 number then choose the color
Add new rule:
If value is greater than equal to 0 number and less than equal to MAX number then choose the color

I hope this helps!
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