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Matrix Expand all levels by Default Option

When loading a new column to the matrix hierarchy, the defualt of the matrix is to be in collapse mode and then the user need to drill down in order to see the entire selection, and my suggestion/my need is to always be in expand all mode. 

I know that if you save the report in drill down and then when you load it again the matrix will be expanded but a) that isn't a good solution overall b) it doesn't work in my situation where the matrix is dynamic and the user has a chance to remove and add layers to the hierarchy to his or hers choice with a switch/field parameter measure


so basically the idea is to have the matrix to be on expand all always

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I have the same issue also using the parameter field option in matrix

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Same issue here.  I want to allow the report viewers to make a selection of parameters to include in the matrix, but it should be expanded automatically, otherwise it is confusing and cumbersome

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This is really necessary with parameters actually....


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Facing the same issue on my end. Previously got around this by having [Product Id - Product Description - Pack Size] all as one column in the field parameter. However, it was inconvenient to separate out these when exported to Excel.


Would love an always auto-expand matrix option, as expanding is quite a small button for casual users to find on a matrix.