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Flow Map Visual



The idea is to basically have a flow map that visusalizes the flow of materials/products/shipments or anything else taking into account 5 variables:


Origin latitude

Origin Longitude

Destination latitude

Destination Longitude

The given value from the origin to the destination


There is a visual called flow map but it is USELESS since the coordinates are not recognized and it the values are treated as first or counts.


Please make it happen for us who are in the supply chain / logistics world!




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You probably have either given up or solved it by yourself by now but I found your message today as I am myself putting up a similar report.

"There is a visual called flow map but it is USELESS since the coordinates are not recognized and it the values are treated as first or counts."

I had the same issue but in fact you have the correct visual and the matching data. My guess is that you just need to ensure that your geographic coordinates are actually associated to the correct data type. When done you should have the little globe icone associated when looking to the tables with those entries in your Model view.


The "Data Category" in "advanced options" of the selected Table Field "Properties" will allow you to choose between Longitude and Latitude. 


Once done, it should be easy to have your Flow Map visual working.
See also the link to the video below for more details on the whole visual functionalities


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Hello Petitberger,


Given a dataset of origine lat and long and destination lat and long, I have some trouble displaying the flow map. Is is poosible to use Flow Map without the Origin and Destination fields ?




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as far as I know you can perfectly use the Flow Map without using the "Origin" and "Destination" fields although it is recommendable that you use them at least for the "
That being said, you cannot use this visualization without geographical reference and those will come either from a the text based "Origin" and "Destination" (that in my experience works fine if you use common lists of Countries, Regions, Cities... ensure to have them all in the same language but you also need to categorize them to enable their recognition by PBI) or from a combination of "Latitude" and "Longitude" but they must be categorized as such (the decimal format is only prerequisite).
I have already seen warnings for the text based approach when working with City names for instance, that might be a problem if there is no reference to region/country since there might be homonyms...
I hope this helps.
Bonne chance.

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dear @Petitberger 


i'm dying to get necessary help. i believe you can solve it 🙂


in the flow map, I mapped some circuits by project. for instace, imagine that project A has 80 (yellow) lines... and it is covering project B data because it has 10 lines (circuits). how can I change the order how projects are displayed? already tried to change names and it only interferes in the legend but in the visual, the more dense project is still above the less one .....