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Time series with Numeric Values and Text Values



I'm looking to see if there exists any visuals that allow you to display both the numeric value of a time series, and an attached note. The note would be in the same row as the numeric value.


Background: I work in a manufacturing enviroment. I have moved over to BI for almost everything I do, except for a time series that I have in excel. This excel file has numerous tabs, each being a piece of equipment in our factory. Each time series has date on the x-axis, and the downtime on the y-axis. These time series are fed by a query to a sharepoint list. When I refresh the query, I click on the data labels, and put notes in reguarding what happened from both the production and maintence side of things. See the picture below.




What I would like to do, is find a BI solution to this. For example, have one time series that has a filter for equipment, select that piece of equipment, then it generates these time series. I figure I can just add a new column called "Time Series Annotation" to the sharepoint list, and so that text can be displayed underneath the minutes. I just have no clue how to do this or if there exists visuals that can do this.



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