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Table.columns.queryName property not updated after changing the aggregate function

I've created the following custom visual using a table Data View Mapping. If I added a column to my GroupingOrMeasure Data Role the table.columns.queryName property of this column takes the value of the first summarization option (which is sum): "Sum( Table.Column1 )".


But if I change the aggregate function of this column to "Don't Summarize" (or any other), the queryName property doesn't update at all, is still "Sum( Table.Column1 )":

Exploring Custom Visual DataViewExploring Custom Visual DataView

Steps to reproduce this issue

1. Create the following table:

Adding data to a new tableAdding data to a new table

2. Create a custom visual with the following capability:

  • Data Roles:


"dataRoles": [
            "name": "columns",
            "kind": "GroupingOrMeasure",
            "displayName": "Columns"


  • Data View Mapping:


"dataViewMappings": [
            "table": {
                "rows": {
                    "select": [
                            "for": {
                                "in": "columns"


3. Explore table.columns.queryName value with Show DataView button and see how this property is not updated after changing the aggregate function of Column1.


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