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Helper IV
Helper IV

Show Data Point As A Table with a measure


I have a client that loves the show data point as a table feature.  I am a bit frustrated because you create these great measures and can't use them in the show data point as a table.


Does anyone have a clever workaround for this or know if Microsoft is planning on adding this?

Visual table and records in Power BI visuals - Power BI | Microsoft Docs




Frequent Visitor

I echo this. I don't fully get why I can see the data behind a table/visual UNTIL I add a measure. I guess this is about measures not being calculated for each row. But surely you should be allowed to see the other data points (and just not show the measure). Frustrating. 

You can experiment with some cross joins and observe how adding a measure changes the outcome. That will give you an idea of the mechanics behind the scenes.

Could you elaborate on what you mean as I'm new to PowerBi, adding a measure changes the outcome of what? I think I'm missing something fundamental here.

What I don't understand is if I have a table of calculated columns, I can see the "data point is a table". But adding a measure disables that? Surely it's the same data underneath and either way, couldn't it just ignore the measure and still show me the data it would have shown before i added the measure




I would consider that to be confusing for the report users as it introduces inconsistencies in the UX. If this is important to you please consider voting for an existing idea or raising a new one at

Helper IV
Helper IV

Thanks. It makes sense.  It is just tough because you can have a great measure and have to create something else to get to the same number in the data point. 

Thanks for your help. 

Super User
Super User

This is working as designed.  When you look at the data view (second item on the left) you will notice that it also only shows native and calculated columns. Measures depend on filter context which is absent in the "Show data point as table" view.

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