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Helper I
Helper I

Power KPI Matrix - Inconsistent Formatting



Formatting options for Power KPI Matrix are buggy and inconsistent, making impossible to combine differently formatted data.

I guess this is related to Power KPI Matrix - Losing Format after Refresh - Row Based


This is expected behavior if you change data rows because Power KPI Matrix binds settings to data rows.
There're a few technical limitations that prevent us from fixing it.


When you change filters formatting is lost. It is tied to data rows as stated on the link above:





Sometimes formatting can't be applied:




Here is the Demo PBIX file

New Member

Is there still no solution to this problem?


What I found out is that for every option selected in a visual filter, the setting is lost.


The way I found it was to format filter by selected filter, one by one, which is a lot of work when working with a lot of data.

Frequent Visitor

I tested with Power KPI Matrix 3.1.1, on power bi desktop Version: 2.111.590.0 64-bit and the format is lost when i filter by month. When i change other filters the format is not lost. 

New Member



I also hope that the problem will be solved,, Powe Kpi Matrix suits me best in my project.


Around 20 parameters in various formats, now unfortunately only 6 can be individually formatted.




Frequent Visitor



Was there a solution found for this problem? I have the same exact problem and would really like to use this visual for my organization, but can't automatize this visual because of the value's formats always returning the same (with filters & data refreshes).


Thank you.

Resolver I
Resolver I

We've gone as far as splitting our data set so that no set contains 20 or more parameters, added an individual Power KPI Matrix report to each report page (becasue we had more then 20 parameters in total), went through all of the steps here and it's still losing its formatting on a data refresh. It's the most frustrating experience. 


If you use a row based layout are you just doomed to accept this? 


We would happily move to column based and avoid these headaches if there was a way to keep the sparkline showing a longer date range (e.g. last 12 months) when a single month is selected (as is the functionality with row based), does anyone know if that is possible? 

Helper I
Helper I

Hello, I'm experiencing the same issue. Can you please explain if it is possible to keep the formatting constant in some way. 


The format and order of metrics changes every time I:

- Add a new KPI to the matrix

- Change the date slicer

- Refresh data


Because of this unpredictable behavior I really can't publish a report with this visual. Otherwise it is an excellent visual. 


Thanks, Oskari



Hello Oskari,


Have you tried every recommendation from the topic?

If so, could you please describe case with more details (pictures are preferable too) and share your report by sending to ?


Kind Reagards,

Evgenii Elkin,
Software Engineer
Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

Hello @v-evelk , 


I can't share my report but here is a few screen captures of the main problem. I changed the formatting of current value column when last 12 months filter was applied. When changing the date filter the formatting resets. 


I have tried all the suggested solutions in this thread but none of them work. I would think that the formatting of a visual doesnt depend on the data behind or filtering used. It is quite weird behavior. 


BR. Oskari


MoRA 27.9.2019 - Power BI Desktop2.pngMoRA 27.9.2019 - Power BI Desktop.png

Hello @OskariNi ,


From my experience, i deselected all filters then changed the formatting and saved. Thus, the formatting will be applied with any filters.


Hope this will help.

Best Regards,


Hello @suwipach , 


Thanks for the tip. What do you mean by deselecting all the filters. Did you delete the slicer before doing the formatting?


BR. Oskari

Hello @OskariNi 


That means None select any filters in slicers. i didn't delete slicers.




Hello @suwipach , 


This method works if I format "All metrics". Then it remembers the format with all slicer values. 


For my report I need to have different formats for each metric. These are reset to the "All metrics" format when I change the slicer value. 


Btw. I can't put a None value for my date slicer. The default is the maximum date range of the data. 


BR. Oskari



I have tried basically every option that are recommended in this thread, but I'm not able to keep the custom formatting consistent when using a slicer. 


It seems that the only option is to do the formatting separately for every slicer value that you think that the user would like to use. At least in my case this makes the visual unusable. It's a shame because the visual is otherwise very good. 



Helper I
Helper I

It seems that i didn't tested it properly and after saving and reopening the file i could set the formatting without many problems.



The way it works is that you have to manually set the formatting for each combination of filters, and it will store the last 20 combinations? On the following gif i have set formatting (Current Value) for No filtering and for year 2018. Ignore the empty KPI Status (no data)



Community Champion
Community Champion

Are you testing in Power BI Desktop?


PBI Desktop is for editing only. That means Power KPI Matrix uses current filter + settings set.

If you want to persist settings in Edit mode you should enable Format Panel -> Table -> Keep Series Settings On Filtering In Edit Mode.


If this option is enabled you won't be able to change settings.




Ignat Vilesov,

Software Engineer


Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

How could i save format setting set for that 20 combination filters in column based table ?

if i have 2 slicers: one is to swith between current month data and year-to-date data, second is to swith between country.

Then, power KPI Matrix shows KPI by company of country selected and current month or ytd selected, which number of company in each countries does not equal. column layout will get back to default when i swith slicer selected and it's small that i cant see amount inside.



Have you enabled the option "Kepp Series Settings On Filtering In Edit Mode"?

Could you please clarify your issue, provide screenshots?


Kind Regards,


Evgenii Elkin,
Software Engineer
Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

i've found the solution by clearing all filter, then arrange the format layout manually in each columns while "Kepp Series Settings On Filtering In Edit Mode" is Off. Thus, column witdth are fixed when i select any slicer.

thank you for reply.

I am glad to hear it.

You are welcome!


Evgenii Elkin,
Software Engineer
Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

Helper I
Helper I

The Sometimes formatting can't be applied issue is not resolved. 

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