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Power BI Custom Visual - Objects and Properties types



is it possible to use custom object property type (in capabilities.json)? I would like to use slider (values from-to) and buttons in Visualizations->Format->Objects->Properties->Property:type.

I was able to find and use only these types: integer, number, text, bool, enumeration, etc.

I'm able to display slider only like this (transparency key does the magic): 

"transparency": {
   "displayName": "Zoom",
   "type": {
      "integer": true
Thank you,
Helper I
Helper I

Just bumped into the same issue. Finding all the formatting tricks is really hard.

Super User
Super User

Replying to confirm this is something I'm keen to know as well - all that seems to be publicly available is the valueType we can assign to an object, and the corresponding ValueTypeDescriptors.

However, as OP mentions, there do seem to be some naming conventions around objects where if they contain the right string and have the right type, will result in rendering a slider rather than a text box (e.g. transparency), or maybe others we don't know about. Maybe it's if the numeric value can resolve to a percentage value? Not entirely sure but would be good to confirm what we can do here to improve the user experience around objects.

@v-evelk - is there such a list of known patterns for object names and how they will affect the rendering of the object in the properties pane? If not, is it possible to supply it please? This might help in the case where it's not possible to introduce custom types and the team already has something that might satisfy requirements.

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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hy guys,


Unfortunately, there isn't a full list of known properties except those that you can find in schema.capabilities.json file (there is a list of all APIs).

A process of documentation building and improvement is ongoing so, sooner or later such list will appear.


Kind Regards,


Evgenii Elkin,
Software Engineer
Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

I'm also curious about this.  I'd like to customize the elements used to set the capability object properties.  


Since the native visuals show sliders, links and buttons, there must be a way to insert these.


Any updates?

Is there any progress on the documentation? I realize that power bi native widgets such as the Line Chart use capability object properties such as [X Axis].[Minum category width] that are displayed as a slider with a minimum and maximum value. This is something that would improve the user experience for my custom visual as well. Obviously the API for this exists so it would be nice if documentation how to achieve this was be available.

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