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Dynamic Text in Text Box or Card based on slicer selection

I am trying to change the text in a text box or card based on a slicer selection.


For example, if i select a country "Afghanistan", I want the text box to read "The War in Afghanistan began in 2001". If I select "Ukraine", I want the text to read "Ukraine was attacked in early 2022", and so on. 

I've seen similar inquiries with "VAR, RETURN, IF" DAX solutions, but I can't seem to get them to work.


The column name is "Country of origin" and table name is "Orgin/Destination"


Thank you




Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

You could probably do something along the lines of a measure with:

TextBoxText = 
Lookupvalue(Table[Origin/Destination]),Table[Country of Origin],SELECTEDVALUE(Table[Country of Origin])

One important note is that this is assuming that each Country of Origin is unique

Resolver II
Resolver II

I wouldn't bother nesting sentences in IFs, Switches or variables. If it's text you want to maintain / control, you could either use 'Enter data' and have a Country and Description column, or the same in an Excel file. Then on your slicer you'd have the column Country and on the card visual you'd have the description column. 

If you already have the descriptions in another table, then assuming that table has a 'country' column (or any key unique key column) you could create a relationship between your country lookup table that you're using for the slicer and the key in the description table. 

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