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Clustered Bar chart

Hi all, 


I am trying to make a clustered bar chart in PowerBI, similar to one that I made in excel, but cant. I have sample data below. 


In the chart, I would like to provide the averages of each of these questions split by survey type. In excel, for example, it would be, make a pivot table, the questions in "values" area (summarize values by averages), the actual values in rows and the survey type in columns. 


I have tried multiple ways in PowerBI, the closest I have reached is to having the questions as a legend and survey type as rows. Does anyone know how I can interchange this so survey type becomes the legend and the questions become rows? 


Sample Data

CandidatesDateQ1 scoreQ2 score Q3 scoreCountryDepartmentSurvey type


Thank you!!


@sd_09  thanks


He're is a short video that demonstrates how to do the visual you want with the sample of data you provided, tell me if its good for you



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Helper II
Helper II

Hi @sd_09 


I don't know if I figured out your need but here is a solution:

With the data you provided:

  • I went to PowerQuery
  • I selected the Q1 score, Q2 score and Q3 score columns
  • Right click > "Unpivot only selected columns" 
  • I got "Attribute" and "Value" columns

Now within PowerBI

  • Stacked column chart




OR to be more precise "provide the averages of each of these questions split by survey type"



Does it answer your question?


Hey @Paulhaha 


Thanks for your response! Unfortunately, when I try to unpivot these columns, it gives me all the columns with error in the data set. Not sure why this is the case? Could it be because of blanks? 



Hey @sd_09 


Its strange because it works with the data sample you provided

I tried by insterting null values in Q-Score columns and the pivot works

Actually if the Q-Score values are null, it seems that the values are not pivoted (and rejected)


If it's not that confidential, don't hesitate to send me a more realistic sample of your data (with all columns) so I can try it better in my side.


Have a nice day

Hey @Paulhaha 


Here's a more realistic sample of the data. There are additional columns in the data set, but they are shouldn't cause problem. The idea would be to have Graph 1 with Q1-3; Graph 2 with Q4-6 etc. split by survey type

Thank you! 


Quarter + YearWeek QuarterYearRecorded DateResponse IDQ1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6Q7Q8Q9Q10Q11Q12Q13Q14Q15Q16Q17Q18Q19Q20Q21Q22Q23surveyidentityIDdepartmentlocationrecruitermanagerJob 
Q2'202324220234509378553104553105455731054 5 XYZsurvey_2Candidate7HRIndianame 7name 7A
Q2'20232522023450968875  344  44446  444  XYZsurvey_1Candidate8SalesBelgiumname 8name 8B
Q2'202325220234509696342825539455353955 1 XYZsurvey_2Candidate9MarketingFrancename 9name 9C
Q3'2023273202345110521055  255  55557  55  5XYZsurvey_3Candidate52HRIrelandname 52name 52A
Q3'20232732023451105388331054428444571634 4 XYZsurvey_2Candidate53SalesGermanyname 53name 53B
Q3'202327320234511054424  445  55435  554  XYZsurvey_1Candidate54MarketingUKname 54name 54C
Q3'2023273202345110556 3  544  44446  44 4 XYZsurvey_2Candidate55ITUSname 55name 55A
Q3'202327320234511262394  135  45457  45 5 XYZsurvey_2Candidate62HRUSname 62name 62B
Q3'202328320234511763910528544  55535  55 4 XYZsurvey_2Candidate63SalesIndianame 63name 63C
Q3'2023283202345117648104310455310555  310555  XYZsurvey_1Candidate64MarketingBelgiumname 64name 64A
Q3'2023283202345117657104  545  54457  455  XYZsurvey_1Candidate65ITFrancename 65name 65B
Q3'20232832023451176649327355  44346  24 4 XYZsurvey_2Candidate66FinanceIrelandname 66name 66C
Q3'202328320234511779410                    XYZsurvey_2Candidate79MarketingFrancename 79name 79A
Q3'2023283202345117802105310245310555  310555  XYZsurvey_1Candidate80ITIrelandname 80name 80B
Q3'2023283202345117813241225212212  1222 4 XYZsurvey_2Candidate81FinanceGermanyname 81name 81C

@sd_09  Hello, I think the sample of data you provided doesn't include "survey type" column 😿 with "hired" and "rejected"

@Paulhaha ahh, its renamed to "survey" now --> survey_1, survey_2, survey_3 🙂 

@sd_09  thanks


He're is a short video that demonstrates how to do the visual you want with the sample of data you provided, tell me if its good for you



Hi @Paulhaha,


Thank you! It still wasnt working but I deleted the excess columns and it worked somehow? 🙂 

Hi, okay nice !

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