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The new PlayAxis custom visual for Power BI will animate your report and its visuals without any user interaction.
It is perfect to show your reports without having to click every time you want to change the values of a filter and it is also great for when you want to see trends or look for patterns in your data. Just click "play" and focus on how data is evolving.


Helper V
Helper V

Hello Everybody!


Let me introduce you today the Ultimate Waterfall Chart, a Custom Visual soon available in the gallery. Let’s have a more detailed look on my first example I have prepared. Its not a final dashboard, it just has the charts or features on it I want to explain.


Advocate I
Advocate I

Creating a power BI custom visual is much more than a programming endeavor, it is an immersion in a new form of art that enables self-actualization of data. It calls for a broader set of skills and your work is not over once the visual is built. The good news however is, you are not alone. There is a community out there that you can learn from and be a part of…