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How to import customised themes in Power BI - using ChatGPT

As we all know for in corporating new themes in Power BI desktop, we need to import json files. Earlier we had to write long json codes to do it but with ChatGPT, we just need to give our inputs like what font size is needed or what colours we want to chose etc. in simple plain English and in return ChatGPT creates the code for us. Then we need to copy paste that code on notepad and save it as a json file and then import it into Power BI desktop.


Here are the steps to do so:

Open the following link:


Then write your requirements - eg- Font size =12, Title size = 14, colours= neon colours etc. Below is the screenshot for the same:


 Then copy this code into a note pad and save it as json. 


 Then open Power BI desktop, go to View-> Click on the small arrow -> Browse for themes -> select that json file -> open

(Please refer below screenshot):


 And then the theme will be imported and we will be able to get our desired results.