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How To Effectively Use The Power BI Tooltip

I’m going to share with you my favorite techniques for data visualizations in Power BI using tooltips. I saw these techniques demonstrated in the Power BI Challenge submissions. I just want to show you how far you can take this. It's so easy and it can add so much value to your report.  


We run these challenges at Enterprise DNA. If you want to know more about this, check out the Power BI Challenges


These visualization techniques using the Power BI tooltips will keep your consumers engaged. You can put in more information into a single report page. You don't have to create extensive reports with multiple pages. 


Historically, this wasn’t possible, but with these updated tooltips in Power BI, we can now create amazing reports. I’m going to walk you through it and show you how it’s done! 


The first video tutorial that I want to show you is about placing dynamic maps in tooltips. Usually, we would have to place the visualization, such as a shape map, by itself in the report page if we wanted to show things spatially. But now, we can simply embed it into a tooltip. 


2021-01-29 (9).jpg 

Think of the many things that you can do here. You can have one page with many different information, and then use these tooltips. This will enable your consumers to drill through the different aspects of your report. 


Check out the full video below to see how I did this so easily. 



I’ll show you another great way to use the tooltips effectively in Power BI. In this tutorial, I create a visual tooltip with lots of elements and information. The report has a customer data, and you can see more details about the customer when you hover over the names in the table visualization.


2021-01-29 (10).jpg 

This is just another amazing idea on how you can maximize the tooltips. It’s pretty epic how a user or consumer can see lots of information so easily and quickly. No need to go to other pages. 


You can watch the full video tutorial below. 



Here’s one more example on how to utilize the tooltips. In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to embed chart into the tooltip. The data used here was that of an optical clinic, where you can see the patients’ details.  


2021-01-29 (11).jpg


Such a unique way to showcase this information and a really awesome trick that is valid for a particular visualization especially when you are showing a table. It makes everything so organized and you can pullout information very quickly. 


Here’s the full video of the tutorial. 



Key Take Away 


These are just some examples of the many amazing things you could do around visualizations using Power BI tooltips. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see that it’s not difficult to do and use these techniques in your own reports. 


This is just a demonstration of how to use the tooltips effectively. Be creative and utilize this feature to engage your customers more. 


There’s so much variability in report development now inside Power BI compared to what it was even just a few years ago. Microsoft has done some amazing work! 


I definitely recommend you trying this in your own reports. 


All the best! 






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