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Sharepoint Gateway

When I review the Dataset Settings -> Gateway Connections, it shows the gateway or datasources are not reachable.


The Auto Refresh and Manual Refresh is working perfectly. Why won't my Sharepoint Gateway resolve to allow me to select it from the dropdown.


I am having this same issue in multiple workspaces on multiple datasets that share this source.




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Hi all, we raised a support ticket to Power BI support and below is the answer from them. It works for us!!  According to the PBI support, the ETA for the final solution is the last week of January. 

Below is the workaround which worked for few of the customer :


-> Open the below document and sign in with the power bi account.

Datasets - Bind To Gateway In Group - REST API (Power BI Power BI REST APIs) | Microsoft Learn


->Enter the dataset id and group id




You will get them in the link of dataset. Click on the dataset which you are using.





->Then go to manage gateways, open the gateway which you are using , you will see I button then when you click on that you will see gateway object id.


->Then write that gateway object id in the space




->Then click on run and check if it runs successfully.

->If it runs successfully , open power bi service and check in manage gateways.


When you are in the "Dataset setting", you will be able to choose gateways(though for the Share Point data source, there is still an "X" in front of it) and config. the scheduled refresh. 


Hope it will help. 




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I'm facing exactly the same issue since 2 days.

All datasets combining sharepoint online source with any other on premise source are not considered anymore by the gateway as optional.

As a consequence, it's not possible anymore to refresh them automatically.

I checked the gateway and it's allowing cloud data source update.

If someone has any idea or solution it would be higly appreciated.

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Hey @burtta ,


the dialog in your screenshot only shows that it is possible to configure a gateway connection sourcing data from your Sharepoint online site. As Sharepoint online is a web data source a gateway is not required.


Nevertheless, after you have published your Power BI report that contains the data model to the workspace(s), you need to authenticate, this must be done as publishing (from PBI Desktop to PBI Service), does not contain any authentication information. You can enter security information for Web data sources right below the "Gateway connection" using the "Data source credentials" settings:

Of course, you can also create a gateway connection that points to the Sharepoint site. I consider this beneficial, as it's more simple to maintain. Whenever someone is "taking over" the dataset inside the workspace, it becomes necessary to re-enter the Data source credentials. This might become necessary if someone wants to change the refresh schedule.
If your organization is forcing you to change the pwd regularly, then you have to re-enter the pwd as well. Here I recommend using a Managed Service Account that does not require pwd-change. But using a managed service account almost requires using a gateway connection, if you are going down that route, you must be aware that a Managed Service Account also needs to be granted permission to the Sharepoint site and also needs a Sharepoint license.

Hopefully, this helps to tackle your challenge.




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Thank you for the thoughtful response(s). It looks like it might be a 'global' issue.


Re: Sharepoint source suddenly un-map from gateway... - Microsoft Power BI Community


Ref: ICM# 360391412




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