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Share PowerBi report - iframe or fullscreen on sharepoint



I've got some problems with sharing my PowerBi report.

I found two different ways but each with some problem:

a) share report in Sharepoint - everything looks perfect but I can't set SharePoint standard page ( or community page ) for using the fullwidth page.  There isn't also any button for resizing report.

b) I made some webpage iframe and it looks good but probably URL from PowerBi doesn't have any possibility to allow access only for current IP address. So probably this URL is open for everyone.

I'm not good @ programming so PowerBi  Embedded isn't a good option for me.

Can You help me with this topic?


Community Support
Community Support

Hi  @JakubWiniarczk ,


Try the tricks below:


Annotation 2020-03-03 105752.png


Best Regards,
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HI @v-kelly-msft 


Thanks for you reply. 

I found this solution and I'm using it. It's quite good but the problem is with URL to iframe - it has no restrictions for the external users. Everyone who has a URL can access it and read data. 
Probably I need to block access for URL with some code, password or make access to URL only for some IP address.



Hi @JakubWiniarczk ,


I dont know why you said" Everyone who has a URL can access it and read data".As it needs access to view the embeded report in sharepoint,so would you pls check whether you have granted access to those who you said "everyone"?


Annotation 2020-03-03 151953.png


Here is the reference.


Best Regards,
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@v-kelly-msft ,


Thanks for the reply.


I'm talking about the situation that I'm using an iframe from PowerBi ( webpage sharing ) on my external page eg. some WordPress page. I will block page in WordPress for the non-login user or share page only in a local company network and it will work. But directly link from PowerBi ( is still available for everyone who know it or some boots indexing ( like google ).  Everyone can use developer option for copy link and using it outside the company.


In the topic of Sharepoint I've checked it few times and access to reports work fine and Sharepoint will be a good option but I can't make a 'full' width page on Sharepoint with PowerBi report/dashboard - that's the problem. In Sharepoint I don't have even additional option like are on iframe ( sharing ln, tweeter, facebook, full screen ) - attachment. 2020-03-03 09_42_14-Zeszyt1 - Excel.png





I think "full screen" option is a valid request for the dashboards you embed to Sharepoint. 


When the dashboard is shared on the web, "full screen mode" is available. However, if the dashboard is shared on Sharepoint it is not available. 

Hi @JakubWiniarczk


Do you need to set security for your report ?If you allow to make it public in your website (you can make restirctions for the access in your website),you can set the iframe to make it full screen.(I marked in yellow)

Annotation 2020-03-05 165439.png

Best Regards,
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Super User
Super User

Hey @JakubWiniarczk ,


I'm not sure if you are aware of this article:


If this is of no help, please elaborate a little more on what you are trying to achieve, and why you can't use what is described in the above article.




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Hi @TomMartens I've been passing through the same "issue" that @JakubWiniarczk brings on that post.

The point is that we can share our power bi report on SharePoint by using the "Embed on Sharepoint" the point is that de width of the PowerBi on the page is not good because it's impossible to make it full-width. Sharepoint has a full-width box but it's doesn't allow us to embed a PowerBi report on it.

The be truth, in my opinion it is a useless solution, a useless aplication, because the report always will be to tiny to the users.


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