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Scheduled Refresh Failing


The scheduled refresh on one of my datasets keeps failing and i cannot for the life of me figure out why.

There are two datasources on the dataset. One from an onPrem Oracle Database and one ODBC connection.

The error that shows is this

"Unable to connect to datasource Undefined"

Underlying error message:Oracle: ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE


I have tried:

  • Increasing connection time out on the oracle datasource from PBI Desktop
  • Setting the privacy levels of both data sources to Organizational


For some reason it still fails and i really do not know what else to do

Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi @HeirsPowerBi ,


First thing that comes to mind, have you added the sources to a gateway?


Yes i have other Reports that are connected to the same Oracle Data Source and are refreshing Just fine.

and when you refresh it from within the desktop, does that run fine as well?

Yes it refreshes just fine in PBI Desktop

then i would suggest deleting the report and the dataset in the service, refresh in the desktop and re-publish to the service.


If that doesn't work you could try deleting the source from the gateway and re-adding that, but as you have a oracle on prem source i'm guessing that you have more reports linked to that source. This would be a last option that you probably don't want to use. it would require re-linking the source to the gateway for all reports using this source.


I downloaded a personal gateway to try and see if the refresh would work. but i now get this Error


ORA-03135: connection lost contact Process ID: 2956 Session ID: 195 Serial number: 52488


Any ideas please.


I have tried to increase SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME in my SQLNET.ora fille but nothing works

Please help me

Yes i think i will just have to delete the report and republish from desktop. Although  i was trying to avoid that.

Thank you so much

Do note that a personal gateway is not the same as an on premises gateway.

Personal gateway is installed on your PC, and you PC needs to be turned on in order for it to work. I'm guessing the firewall is blocking the connection from your PC to the oracle database server.


normally a on premises is installed on a remote server close to the used database. it's good practice to update those frequently, you can run behind two versions of the on premises gateway after it stops working and needs to be updated in order for it to work again.

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