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Advocate I
Advocate I

Scheduled Hourly Refresh with Power BI Pro - am i missing something?



i have a Power BI Pro account which should be able to schedule hourly refresh of my data. When i try to schedule an hourly refresh i am only able to choose between weekly and daily and when choosing daily specify up to eight hourly slots where i can choose to do a refresh at the full hour or half an hour later. Is this it?


I was hoping to be able to specify an hourly refresh and at least get some more options to specify the concrete time. As i am aggregating data for a full hour and need to refresh my report afterwards i would need to do a refresh a few minutes after a full hour (Data aggregation takes a few seconds -> Refresh report after that). With the current options my reports are always pretty "old" due to the restriction of having to specify exactly 30 minutes after a full hour. Also...why are there only 8 different slots available? Am i missing something?


Best regards



Power Participant
Power Participant

@aevers Yeah that's correct, there are only 8 different slots available for Pro User as a part of daily refresh. Don't know exactly why they have not meant for whole day in hourly manner. May be they must have kept thinking office work hours in mind which is typically around 8-9 hours

@ashishrj Thanks for the reply. That's strange...since it's not that uncommon to have offices in multiple timezones...and it would be awesome if everybody came to work at the same time and could leave after 8 hours! 😉

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