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New Member

SSAS Tabular Model has been changed to AtScale model automatically

I'm unable to use Power BI reports in service. I get the error - This report couldn't access the data source. Contact the author to have it fixed. I verified the data source and found out that the model has been changed for couple of reports from SSAS Tabular project to AtScale model. How do I fix this. Why has this happened. I can see that this change has happened to couple of reports that had new changes made to it. The older report which has not been published recently is still referring to the same model and is working fine. Please guide.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hi all, same issue here. "Microsoft is working on that" Any new on this? 

@v-cyu @v-kmc 

Cheers, Edgar Walther
ITsmart BI and Analytics consultant
New Member

Hey Guys,

I'm expierencing the same issue in my company. If anyone know how to solve this, could you please please share it with us. Thanks very much in advance!



Super User
Super User

I do not know the answer to that. Did someone at your company make this change? Or is it a thrid party source to your report?

Super User
Super User

AtScale is a tthrid-party tools that replaces SSAS and can convert a model to AtScale. Someone had to intentially do this at the source. You need to find or contact the person\group who made the change

I am facing the same issue. Microsoft is working on that.

Is there a way to change it back to SSAS? I dont think anyone will be admitting this mistake. 


I am experiencing the same kind of issue in my organization and we can't track back where the change has been made.

How did you solve this?


I had to rebuild the reports as they were critical. There wasn't any other solution available.

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