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Refreshing datasets from dataflows across other tenants

I have a setup that looks like this:


Tenant A

Dataset 1

Dataset 2

Dataset 3

Dataflow 1


Tenant B

Dataflow 2


Tenant C

Dataflow 3


Dataset 1 is fed from Dataflow 1 as both are on Tenant A. Up until yesterday, I had Dataset 2 refreshing from Dataflow 2 on Tenant B. Then, I added Dataset 3 which refreshes from Dataflow 3 on Tenant C.


Here's where things start to get funny:

  1. If I log in on the scheduled refresh screen to Tenant B, then Dataset 2 refreshes from Dataflow 2 without a problem. 
  2. If I log in to Tenant C, then Dataset 3 refreshes from Dataflow 3 without a problem, but Dataset 2's link to Dataflow 2 (on Tenant B) breaks. The error message is always the same: "The key didn't match any rows in the table. Table: XXXXX"
  3. If I go back to Dataset 2 and into Tenant B, then Dataset 2 works again, but Dataset 3 which refreshes off Dataflow 3 on Tenant C breaks, yielding the same error message.

It would appear that where my datasets are pulling from different dataflows across different tenants, that I can only be logged into one of them at any given time. Has anyone else encountered this problem?



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous 

Do you use the same gateway for these dataflows or not?

Which data source for these dataset and dataflow?


Best Regards

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Yes, they do go off different data gateways, which are only accessible within their particular tenants. But that shouldn't matter, right -- once the data is loaded onto Dataflows?


All I am trying to do is connect to different Dataflows on different tenants.

@Anonymous i'm hoping to do something similar. any updates/resolutions by any chance?

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