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Helper I
Helper I

Redo Credentials every three months? WHY?

Hey Folks, does this really happen to everyone?  Tech support seems oblivious.


I have a lot of spreadsheets,  that are updated or reguarly created by various processes, such as Microsoft Access.    I have these sitting in a PowerBI folder in one drive, for cosumption by PowerBI.  For instance, I link to my date table with something like:

Source = Excel.Workbook(Web.Contents("


Every three months, ALL of my Datasets, (now called "Semantic Models, " really Microsoft?)  fail with credential errors.  None of the credentials have changed, but every single file hosted in one drive has to have it's credentials reset.

I have to believe that grabbing spreadsheet data from Onedrive is common practice, and I don't see how everyone has this issue, but NO-ONE at any level of tech support has heard of the problem.  Wouldn't it be right in the 1st tier support docs if it was just always the case when accessing one drive files?


Is it just the way it is, or is there something I can do to stop it?





Super User
Super User

Hi @PhilSmith 

Could you chat to your network admin as they might have a setting for your account that it has to log in again every 90 days?

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I am one of the admins.  All of the admins have all been all over it, along with Tier 2 assistance.  What we are being told by MS is that when you set up the credentials, it creates temporary tokens.  There a couple of settings that are supposed to create tokens that last a year, but acccording to TS, these parrticular tokens expire in 90 days, regardless.  Again, if this is the way it is, loads of folks would have this problem, and TS would know, but they don't.

I have not experienced this. I would have said like @GilbertQ that it is some conditional access policy.

You say you have not expereinced it.  You do access files from Onedrive into your Datasets?

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