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Helper III
Helper III

Print whole table

I know that there are many topics out there already like this but wanted a new one to bump it up because it's shocking that this is not already a feature and also my example includes images so exporting data is not an option. 


I have a table that has images in it. I have the image size as 150 so that customers can see the image as best as possible. I can only see four and a half images without scrolling. I'm looking for a way to print the table to include the entire result. 


Basically I'm looking for a way to share the narrow down result with a customer. If printing the table fully is an impossibility, I am open to other suggestions on how to maybe copy and paste the whole thing into a word document or an email but as of now I cannot find a way. 


Would appreciate some suggestions. 

Helper III
Helper III

I have been trying to get paginated reports to work for weeks now... I cannot figure out what I am missing. It is not striaght forward like powerbi...


I am willing to pay somebody $200 to do a screenshare with me and walk me through getting this to work. Right now everything I try is a deadend of errors. Please message me if you are a paginated report pro and can make it so that slicers in powerbi filter down the results in report. 

Helper III
Helper III

i will look into pageinated reports. hopefully nice and easy to just move what I need over to them. 🤞

Super User
Super User

Hi @gaiusgw ,
Every tool has limitations and so does Power BI. Hopefully this image export issue in table/matrix will be resolved in future.
I guess the best solution you can apply to achive your requirement is export the table as an excel and then convert image urls into images using VBA Script or external tool such as kutools.
Yes, this might be a bit tedious and also yes, this will be some manual steps that will have to be performed by users.

Refer below link for conversion:



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Helper III
Helper III

I'm just surprised printing isn't a standard  option....

Printing is not a design priority of Power BI.

Super User
Super User

You are trying to use Power BI for something that it is not designed for.  Consider using paginated reports, or other tools.

It is a shame this needs a workaround. Thanks for the suggestions. 

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