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PowerPoint integration for data visualizations



I know how to get data and analyze data. What I need help is in creating visualisations that I can then present. Dashboards are great, but sometimes I just want to share a visualization as part of a larger story, project or presentation. Would love to use PowerBI for creating quick charts, nice charts, useful charts, etc in the context of PowerPoint. help?

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Memorable Member

II have always been a huge proponent of being able to integrate Power BI and Power Point. Even if it’s as clunky as “Export to Power Point” way of the SharePoint Enterprise.


However, I am now wondering if there is a better option… When we are able to embed images in Power BI Designer reports and to be able to add text boxes for titles and annotations we may have a pretty good Power Point killer right there (provided we also have all the formatting options for fonts, colors, etc.)


The only thing that’s missing is ability to present the content in full screen mode for both Designer and which I cannot imagine should be that hard to fix.


My guess is that one day will support embedding of individual dashboard and report components similar to the way SharePoint REST API works today for Excel Services. The challenge will be to make this embedding easy for non-technical users (those REST API links can look pretty overwhelming) so the Power BI Designer may end up being a low hanging fruit to provide functionality missing in Power Point.

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Continued Contributor

Story telling is one of the key feature of some other BI tools and I believe the way Power BI is going it will be there with full formating options in near future. If the presentation mode is added to Power BI it can already be used for this purpose.There will be some challenges in terms of user adoptability because they are more comfortable using Power Point, for them if a button is added "Export to Power Point" that will be great.

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I think following three link can help you, How you can add power view as presentation.


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Please note that this is a silverlight based approach in Powerpoint.   There is a different way of doing but you must use OpenXML to gen a document that could have a live analytic or a static image.   It's pretty straightforward and allows you to embed pages , etc.

You can also do this as an office web app in where you can leverage the Office Javascript API to generate documents as well.


To chime in further, I know it's not what you asked, but you can do this today on prem with SSRS connected to SSAS Tabular via SharePoint.


That's a great idea.  In fact, you are in good company!  Many of our users have requested this on our feature voting site.  You can lend your support as well at

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