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Helper V
Helper V

Power BI and Security Groups



We were told that we can use Secuity Groups to share dasboards (If we add at the end an email adress)


May I  ask some questions about this subject please ? 

  • How can we manage/reach security groups of our organization ? 
  • We have only acces to Azure AD portal where our workspaces seems to be groups (office type)
  • No acces to offcice 365 administration and to PowerBI Administration (Premium)









@Bamak By nature, you would have access to O365 admin with Power BI... but you may mean that it is owned by a different group. If you want to use security groups, those will need to be created by your IT admins most likely. Those who control your Azure AD environment. Typically an implementation of Power BI has a sync of on premises AD to Azure AD and the groups are created locally. Either way, this is something you don't ad-hoc build.

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Hi @Seth_C_Bauer


Thank you very much for the answer

In fact we tend to mix the groups of offices 365 & those of azure





Hi @Bamak,

Actually, I am confusing about mixing the groups of offices 365 & those of azure. After research, there are several blogs below, hope they're useful.

What is an Azure AD directory
How to get an Azure Active Directory tenant
Create an Azure Active Directory tenant to use with Power BI

Best Regards,

Hi Angelina


Secrurity groups (groups of PBI users  for an email adress(a tenant/ a omain) allow you to share dashborads & apps with multiple users in PBI

They are managed with your security officier via your "on premise" AD Adinistration and replicated to Azure AD

Or directly in Azure AD


I'm agree with you , all is not very clear  between Office 365  , PBI Administration (premium) and Azure AD roles


Our wish could be to managere groups for share (dashboards , app) on one unique  functional place (PBI portal ?)
and to create them automatically from the workspaces (functional units)






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