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Impactful Individual

Power BI Paginated Report Builder - layout zindex parent properties

Posting my notes as there appears to be no specific information on 'layouts' ZIndex and Parent properties for Power BI Paginated Report Builder.



+ control of layouts within RB designer is hampered by the lack of a layout object explorer/navigator pane so you are flying blind.

+ would be nice to be able to change/update ZIndex and Parent properties of specific layout objects.


Work Arounds

> child objects have to be added to a parent rectangle,  wrapping child objects and then trying to ‘place’ under the new parent is problematic

.  use drag n drop (not arrow keys) into the rectangle enclosing object parent

> for matrix objects, access to Layout and Select submenus via right mouse menu appears to be only accessible from the first mouse click framing  (ie click on any part of the matrix then rmc the top left intersection box of the x and y axis frame)



+ ZIndex property

- larger numbers at front, zero furthest back

- item overlap, higher zindex is rendered on top of lower zindex

+ layout

- Bring Forward   = increase  zindex by 1 of the layout object

- Send Backward = decrease zindex by 1 of the layout object


Any current references would be appreciated as I could not find except for a blog from 2010 and a pdf from 2005.


Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Using a Rectangle as a Container 

Second Note highlights the need for the work around I listed.  So it is known.

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