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On-promises gateway is offline for dataset schedule but actually online in Manage gateway

Hi, I have a on-premises gateway of SharePoint List and SQL data sources setup on my local machine, and I can use it to schedule refreshing in my Workspace.

When I installed the on-premises gateway on a server and select the server gateway to take over the existing gateway, in my Wprkspace, the gateway shows Online: Your are good to go; Test all connections is also successully in Manage gateways.

However, when tried to schecule refreshing for my dataset, I got error saying that my gateway is offline, the Status of gateway connection is "Gateway or datasources not reachable". 

Anybody knows how to fix this?  

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In short, yes you can.  So lets troubleshoot what is going wrong:


At what time does your scheduled refresh occur?  Is there anything special happening at this time to might be notable?  The error comes up if either the gateway is offline, or if 1 of your data sources is also offline


For example, if at nighttime you have a DEV sever that turns off and you are presently testing with DEV resources.  You might have trouble over night.


If one of your data sources is sitting on a computer, rather than a server, which is turned off over night.  Naturally this would causes issues too.



Going through your Gateway and data sources, does anything stand out?


Hi Ross, thanks for your reply. I couldn't schedule refreshing at all after I switched to server gateway, and I think my SharePoint datashource has problem under server gateway but I don't understand why. Below are screenshots step by step:


1 My local on-premises data gateway HelenChen is up and running and I can use it to schedule my dataset refreshing.png2. Sign-in my Gateway on server and let this one to takeover.PNG3. Check Manage Gateways Online but SharePoint datasource has error.PNG4. SharePoint Datasource error details.png5. To schecule dataset, gateway shows offline. Gateway or datasources not reachable.PNG 


Hi @Helen689

Please try to delete the data source and add it back?

What's the status of the cluster? You can see the status of Gateway cluster in the manage gateway settings. And in the computer which you installed the gateway.



a workaround provided by another user is as below, could you have a try to see if it helps?

"This issue can be due to incorrect credential inputs (like If password is recently updated) under Gateway Cluster Settings. For me, I recently changed my password for logged in account but I did not update it for gateway settings. So please check/update for fields - contact information and password under Gateway Cluster settings."


Best regards


Hi ,


This shouldn't be user/credential issue as user/credential and gateway are all fine on my own computer, and i didn't make any change about it when switch to the gateway on Server. Only SharePoint datasource has problem with Server's gateway. If I log on to the server, i can use browser to access to that sharepoint website on that server.


I have tried to delete the data source and add it back to existing gateway, and also created a totally new Gateway on the server, and only added SharePoint data source for testing, but the problem was same:

Unable to connect: We encountered an error while trying to connect to . Details: "We could not register this data source for any gateway instances within this cluster. Please find more details below about specific errors for each gateway instance."Show details

Activity ID:aacced5a-d53c-4fa6-8157-fe690dbce073
Request ID:3dccbf6b-0b0a-977e-855e-9a7958bc44ef
Cluster URI:
Status code:400
Error Code:DMTS_PublishDatasourceToClusterErrorCode
Time:Tue Jul 10 2018 10:42:02 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
SharePoint_Server_catorvmpcarsq1:Cannot connect to the mashup data source. See error details for more information.
Underlying error code:-2147467259
Underlying error message:Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation.

Hi @Helen689

It seems the matter with taking over gateway, you could refer to some similar thread to get some helpful ideas.




or you could open a ticket to contact with MS directly and quickly.



Best regards


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If you log onto that server (the one running your gateway), are you able to access that SharePoint URL?

Hi Ross,


Yes if I log onto that server, browser can open SharePoint link to that site and it looks fine.

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