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Get value from cell based on its row and column combination

Hey guys

I’d much appreciate your help on this, as I’m new on PowerBI.


I’d like to have the option to compare the same two metrics depending on the column combination. I have created a very simple example in excel…




So basically, I want to obtain for each area (row) the value from “season 1.value Y”, and also get the value from “season 2.Value Y” and be able to later compare them with a visualization that allows me to set a target and an actual value, being in this case my target “season 1.value Y” and my actual “season 2.Value Y


Value Y es one value, the same that repeats depending on the season.


Is it possible to get the value from a particular "cell" and then use it later? Let me know if you need further clarification!


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Super User

So, what you want to do is get your data in a format like this:


Area,Season,Value X,ValueY









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Hi smoupre


Yes I need a way to get the values based on the season and the area. So I can compare, for example the value Y result "1" from the first row with the value Y restult "2" from the second row...and later use the value to compare or visualize if the second one is higher, lower or same....


row1: area1,season1,1,1

row2:  area1,season2,3,2


🙂 Is there a way?



Any ideas? is it possible to handle values like this in Power BI??



What smoupre means is to start with loading data in a tabular form. So make sure you have a table with columns Area, Season, ValueX, and ValueY (see his example); or even with columns Area, Season, X/Y, and Value. When you do this, you can create reports with e.g. a table with Area and ValueY, and Power BI will aggregate the ValueY values by area:


Area,   Sum of ValueY

area1  3

area2  5

area3  3


When your data is in a different format, the Power BI Get Data experience (Power Query) can transform it into the format you need.


Thanks.. but I think that maybe my goal was not properly explained.




I have two seasons and I want to compare the units we sold in each of them. I do have above idea of a report in my PowerBI. Data is accurate.


What I'd like to know if there is any way to get value 6 and separately get value 10 and compare them using a KPI vizualization. There is one visualization (KPI Visualization) that allows me to compare a Target and an Actual by something (season)... I want to use the Target as value 6 and Actual as value 10. I can't just use Units in the visualization because it is the same information for season but with different results.


I know that are other tools that allow user to get and use the values using variables, but not sure if it is the case of PowerBI, or if there is any other way to handle those numbers.


I much appreciate your help!


Any ideas on how to be able to compare both values in a matrix? like for example, to show as percentaje how is value area1.season2.units compared with value area1.season1.units


O putting this in other words, I'd like to have this result:


(('area1.season2.units ' * 100) / 'area1.season1.units')



Trying one more time this one, please check my last post...



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