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Helper IV
Helper IV

Excel Workbook Refresh Fails in BI Service

I have seen several other replies on issues about this same topic, but nothing specifically for the problem I'm about to describe:


I have several Excel workbooks that are hosted in SharePoint, have small data models, and were previously being refreshed from the Power BI Service on a schedule.  This had been working without any issues up until last Friday (5/11) when the scheduled refreshes started failing even though the data gateway is healthy, and I'm not finding anything that stands out in the log files.  I'm seeing really generic errors in the service that look like this with 15+ scheduled data refreshes:


Failed Connections:Query - Get Award Exceptions
Activity ID:e8c3cc55-01e2-4f85-647a-60d8643ac60f
Request ID:a79a6fd5-f59b-61d1-2a16-2bd8c6f098a1

2018-05-14 14:25:15Z


I went as far as reinstalling the data gateway (I only have one machine with the enterprise gateway installed) and republishing several of my reports.  The on-demand refreshes would typically complete a refresh successfully the first time, but now they are right back to failing with the generic errors such as the one above.  This is becoming a very big problem for us as this is now day 5 of all our scheduled processes being down.  


I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the Power BI service or has there been a change on how the refresh functionality works for Excel workbooks?  

Advocate I
Advocate I

Has anyone resolved this?


I'm able to get one manual refresh to work for a very small excel file connected to a csv file on sharepoint. But any subsequent manual refreshes fail. 

Regular Visitor

I just started experiencing this exact same issue this month as well.

Not applicable

Has anyone been able to get this running since it stopped working in May?

is anyone facing the issue. I see the excel refreshes on shar epoint are failing again.

Frequent Visitor

Same here.  Very upset that there are no details on the support page. I also can't believe they say "No known issues: Power BI is running smoothly" - Wrong and misleading.


Really hoping for an update soon, and to know if this functionality will return at all.


Also, does anyone know if a PowerBI Pro license is required to do what we are talking about here? i.e. refreshing Excel workbooks thru the PowerBI service w/ on prem data source?

Frequent Visitor

Issue seems to be solved
Helper II
Helper II

I'm having the same issue, started failing May 12th and nothing changed on our end. Excel O365, 'connected' to power bi service, lives on Sharepoint. Worked fine for months. Microsoft PBI Team, please help!

Frequent Visitor

Ticket is now open with support for one week without any response, beside first response from initial assignee that he is not in charge of power bi and dispatched the ticket. Anyone has a phone number of power bi support?

A new message has been posted to the support dashboard:


Some users may have experience problems with refreshing their excel online workbooks with on-prem data. Engineers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. Next update @05/24/2018 12:30 PDT.


This is really incredible. By then the service will have been down for 2 weeks.  It would be nice if we could get some more information.  Can we ever expect to get this working again?  I was leaning on this pretty heavily in our environment, and this has proven to be a huge problem for us. 

Regular Visitor

This is absolutely a problem with the Power Bi service. Please everyone post if you are having the same issue. Thanks!

New Member

Both Schedule and on demand refreshes for Excel Workbooks are failings since saturday 05/12/2018

and now the refreshes are disabled.


Dont understand what Microsoft is doing.

Although Power BI refreshes(using PBIX) are working fine and the gateway does not log any message either.


Below is the message which I am getting, it is not at all descriptive.

Scheduled 5/14/2018, 9:31:06 AM 5/14/2018, 9:34:21 AM Failed Workbook refresh failed. See details for more information.
Failed Connections: XXXX
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: 89899023-b67d-480b-a29c-de10c2e1aacc

I am getting the same issue!!  Started May 11.   Auto refresh used to work. (It worked May 10).  Now I have extra work. Not happy.  One of the errors mentioned something about being created in Excel 2013 and no longer supported.  I rewrote workbook and made new connection with Excel 2016--same problem no refresh: on demand or scheduled.
On prem data gateway says admin has granted access for credentials. 

What changed May 10/11?  What is the correct way to make a connection or configure gateway now?


One Error Msg:
You can't schedule refresh for this dataset because one or more sources currently don't support refresh.
Discover Data Sources

Connection was SqlServer to Azure DB

Same on my side and no response from support on my ticket since days!

I'm seeing the same thing on my end.  I didn't make any changes that would cause the refreshes to start failing so suddenly. 


I'm really frustrated that there is no recognition of this problem, and there is very little else I can do to troubleshoot the problem. 

same error message here,

I'm using to a powerquery excel workbook stored on a SharePoint Online document library, which queries data from a SharePoint Online List.


Power BI service is using 'Connect, manage, and view Excel in Power BI' option to connect to the excel workbook.


"Workbook refresh failed. See details for more information."

Failed Connections:Query - CrossDockList
Activity ID:dece3336-6a80-4b13-9ebc-80a4e47f35b5
Request ID:5c3ea775-0c48-4bea-8922-f3aa22ddbf3c
Time:2018-05-16 16:18:35Z



There is no data gateway in my refresh scenario.

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