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Difference between Frequent and Occasional Users


Hi All,


I'm going through the process of pricing PowerBI Premium, and was curious as to the number of views per week/month, that distinguish an "occasional" user from a "frequent" user. I know that the calculator says "multiple times a week" for a frequent user, but doesn't specify anything for occasional. Are there any actual hard numbers of views tied to these user types?


Thanks, any info is greatly appreciated.



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Super User

I agree that this could possibly be a bit of a challenge to understand.

I would say that an occasional user is someone who logs in maybe once a week or less. Which means on occasion they might log in and view a report or dashboard.

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@GilbertQ, I have a follow up question if you can answer please...


So if I am buying licenses for lets say 1000 users, out of which 50 will be Pro users.

Out of other 950, what difference does it make if I put 450 in frequent and 500 in occasional or the other way around?

Because the cost associated doesn't change as such.



Hi there

To be honest there is no real difference, it uses that to try and gauge how much load your Premium Capacity will be under. But there are a whole host of things to consider to see how loaded your capacity will be.

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