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Better Notifications of Service Outage needed

We experienced another outage Wednesday around 10:25 AM PST.  Seemed to (auto)resolve around 10:40 AM.  The issue is that when we experience outages, I run through the same routine:


 - Check internally for any global outages to our infrastructure (network, outbound connectivity, etc.)

 - Support Home page for general outage/degradation update (

 - Microsoft Links to check our Azure tenant status (U.S. West) (

 - Office 365 status (


The Microsoft outages never seem to be reflected anywhere.  All I know is my report users are impacted (read "down").  I start receiving calls/emails typically.


So, do I spend the time to call Premium Support?  That will result in another wait as the last time I called to report an outage a call back wasn't received for an hour.  That outage, which spanned intermittently for days the week of 10/22, we still have not received an RCA.  That impacted Premium Workspaces (read "down").


** We need immediate outage notification so that we (the Power BI paying customers) may provide better support to our business colleagues. **


--> Idea: On the home page of the Support have the ability to submit an Outage notification rather than call Support.  Make it easy.  BTW, there is no option for outage when filling out the Support's prestep information so I must select a unrelated topic.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

For PBI outage notification what I have done is create a report which sources its info from using the Web connector, and then set a KPI on count of Awareness, Outage issues and set data alerts on that, you can do the same for all the other support/notification sites and create a report/dashboard listing all of them together.

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I created the following report, which automatically refreshes daily which is also part of an email subscription so that I know of any issues

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