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Approach to Sharing Dashboards



I cant help but think the current approach to sharing dashboards is overly restrictive for larger organisations. I have been applying the methods of sharing as found here: 


I am willing to be told that I am not using the existing functionality correctly but based on my experience to date I would submit the following observations:


1. The sharing really only works well if the person is in your organisation as judged by the email domain of the organisation that has a licence to use Power BI this can be a problem with organisations that have more than one domain. If you do not pass the domain check then you are presented with a mesage saying "you do not have permission to access this dashboard"


2. You may be working across organisations and want to share a dashboard in these cases your only option is to publish to the web especially if large numbers of email addresses are involved, but there is no security associated with this option


Can I suggest that a better approach is that adopted by Google. If I do a google map I can choose to share a link to that map and only the people I share the link with, via email or messaging, can find the map, so substitute dashboard for map and use a similar approach. There is no registration required, you do not need a google account.


I think this is a smarter way of advertising the product than getting people to register if they are not part of the organisation that holds the Power BI licence. Any dashboard published in this way could be overlayed on a discrete, not too intrusive, microsoft defined frame template which included a Power BI logo with some text like "Like what you see" or "Learn More" that takes you to the BI product description alongside any company logo for the dashboard owner.


I have also seen reports on forums of a new feature that can push screenshots of reports to people that have subscribed to the report anytime the data changes or on a daily or weekly schedule. Whilst I can see how this could work with small groups in general I think the KIS (Keep It Simple) principle applies. You send people the link to the dashboard and anytime they use that link they see the latest version of the dashboard displayed, a pull when needed rather than a push model.


just some thoughts 🙂



There is an idea here with strong support and is under review 


You could vote for it to help the cause

* Matt is an 8 times Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.

Hi, The post you recommend seems to be mainly focussed on sharing dashboards via sharepoint. My post is more about sharing view only dashboards with more flexibility, and some security, via the www independent of the applications you run or the organisation who holds the Power BI licence. Making the process more open and easier is the best way to advertise the product as well as encourage its use in large organisations imho



Just curious, I would have thought this would have been a hot topic but it generated zero interest 🙂 So I am wondering is this because:


a) Nobody else has an issue with the current functionality

b) Issue was not explained well enough

c) Many people have raised the issue but there is resistance/apathy to change


Answers in an email please

As I understand your post I completely agree.  The current sharing as you point out covers 2 scenarios: very controlled to a single email domain or wide open to an unsecured URL.


I believe what you propose is a middle ground which is a URL secured by an email address that is domain independent.


I think that would be a great idea and agree it would definitely help spread the Power BI solution.  The existing 2 remain fine and valid - I do not see this recommended approach needing to undo what is there now.


No idea as to how one navigates an idea thru the development team however.....

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