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Report Server monitoring / log files

Hi, am I correct in thinking that currently there are no monitoring tools for PBIRS - so users connected, any kinds of locks currently occuring etc?


We have an issue where PBIRS will not let us replace an existing report right now and I'm assuming its some kind of lock issue. The error I see in the RSPortal log file says "An error occurred when invoking the authorization extension. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."


Also on the subject of log files - are there any settings for purging them and location of them? We've ran up quite a few gigs worth of log files in the last two months and I dont know if I should be managing these or if PBIRS manages them itself?



Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi Anthony - The object reference error is coming from the auth extension. Are you using custom auth or something other than windows integrated? If you have a consistent repro, do let us know. Or contact Microsoft support who can help you diagnose this further (e.g. it could be a product defect).


Concerning monitoring and log files, PBIRS uses the same infrastructure as reporting services. You can see more info on that here There are server config options to control this behavior and limit files size. But yes, the server should limit and cap log files automatically. One thing to check, if you are seeing DMP or MDMP crash dump files. These could be happening if you are seeing obj reference exceptions in the logs.  


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