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Report Server connect to Azure Analysis Services How to configure Data Source?

Our RS version is September 2022. We've built a report that connects live to our AAS instance and built some additional measures in the report. Works great in PBI-RS desktop. What is the correct way to configure the Data Source in the Manage/Data sources screen? The AAS cube has a Users role with an Azure Active Directory group in that role. Under the credentials, the only options are Windows Authentication and Basic Authentication. When I set the credentials to Windows and select the radio button for "As the user viewing the report" I get the error message "We couldn't connect to the Analysis Services server. Make sure you've entered the connection string correctly." When I change it to "Using the following credentials", enter a Non-MFA account and password that is a member of the user group, and check the box that says  "Log in using these credentials, but then try to impersonate the user viewing the report", I get the same error. When I uncheck the "Log in using these credentials but then..", same error. When I test the connection, I get "Unable to obtain authentication token using the credentials provided"
When I change the authentication type to Basic Authentication and provide a username and password, test the connection, I also get "Unable to obtain authentication token using the credentials provided". 

I've verified that I can access the AAS instance from the on-prem report server using my own credentials and MFA.

It shouldn't be that hard to connect up to AAS in a power BI model from report server. Has anyone been able to do this succesfully?
Thanks in Advance!

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The AAS does support Windows Authentication. AD FS is required. I successfully accessed my AAS data model by using my local domain user account. 

Aha, so if my company uses Okta as our federated services provider, then it seems I'm out of luck here? Thanks for your response. 

@redlegcraig wrote:

Aha, so if my company uses Okta as our federated services provider, then it seems I'm out of luck here? Thanks for your response. 

I think you should be able to use Okta with the Power BI cloud service, but for the on-prem Report Server you might need to code your own authentication provider and I'm not sure how that would interact with the scheduled refreshes

@d_gosbell thank you for this insight. I think we'll just end up getting pro licenses for these folks and publishing up to the PBI service. My other option is to rebuild the entire report and go after the SQL database that feeds the AAS cube as the data source instead.

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Is it working now?

Windows Authentication- As the user viewing the report not working for me.

But "Using the following credentials"-"log in using these credentials, but then try to impersonate the user viewing the report" works for me.

I am now able to see the non MFA account up in Azure, but the account isn't enabled yet for me to test. One more hoop to jump through and then I'll know if this works. Thanks!

The account is enabled but I'm still not having any luck connecting from the January 2023 report server to my Azure Analysis Services (compatibility 1600) database.  I'm going to try all the various options again tomorrow and will report back the error messages.

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The docs say that AAS only works with username/password (which would not be any good for you if you need RLS) and you cannot have MFA enabled (see )


If you need RLS and you have AAD enabled then publishing your reports to a workspace in the Power BI cloud service is probably your only option.

Thanks @d_gosbell . This report doesn't need RLS. I was able to verify that the non-MFA account that my team created wasn't up in AAD just yet, so I'll try again after I receive word that it is up there. Will update again once I can test it.

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