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(Report Server, May 2020) Postgres Direct Query Npgqsl

I am trying to create a report on Power BI Report Server (on-prem) which connects to a PostgreSQL database through Direct Query.


According to this page, PostgreSQL is now listed as "DirectQuery / Live Connection": Yes


However, it may be that the above link revers only to the Desktop version?

"Power BI report data sources in Power BI Report Server" still lists PostgreSQL as "Live/DirectQuery": No


Here is what I have tried so far:

I created a report in "Power BI Desktop (Optimized for Power BI Report Server - May 2020)", basically following the recipe on this page for setting up Row-level-security:

I setup a User role which would filter data by looking up "[username] = userprincipalname()" against a user table in my postgres database (where username is defined according to the format "" used by the userprincipalname() DAX function)


I uploaded the report, clicked on the "..." button --> "Data sources", and I could see that it copied the database connection string and credentials that I had already entered in the desktop version (Connection Type: Postgresl, Authentication Type: Basic Authentication). 

However, when I clicked "Test Connection" I got an error:

"Coudn't connect: Please install Npgsql version 4.0.10 or earlier"


I went to install Npgsql according to the documentation here:

I first tried installing using Nuget:

but the "Install-Package" cmdlet was not recognized in PowerShell (I do not have Visual Studio installed on the server).

I went ahead and upgraded Windows Management Framework to version 5.1:

However, I still could not get the "nuget" (aka "Install-Package") installer to work, so in the end I just used the ".msi" installer on Github:

I made sure to select the "GAC Installation"


After completing the installation and restarting the server, I was able to run "... --> Data Sources --> Test Connection" successfully in the Report Server web interface!

However, when I tried to view the report I got a new error:

"An unexpected error occurred: We couldn't connect to the Analysis Services server. Make sure you've entered the connection string correctly."


Now I don't know what is going on.  I am not trying to connect through Analysis Services, so the error does not make sense to me. 

Any ideas?


Am I just out of luck because technically Postgres is not yet supported for DirectQuery in Report Server (even though it is now supported in Power BI Desktop)? 

Do I have to start over and try again by setting up a Direct Query ODBC connector?

Do I have to just migrate all of my data to SQL Server?



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