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PowerBI RS / SSRS 2016 Rendering issue

In migrating reports from SSRS 2014 to SSRS 2016 / PowerBI RS, we have some reports with text that renders fine in SSRS 2014 but is hidden in SSRS 2016.  However when downloaded to Excel, the text appears.  


How can I submit this as a bug to the SSRS team? 


Power BI Team
Power BI Team

For filing bugs that the product team will see go here. Do you have an isolated RDL that we can use to repro the issue? If so can you attach it to this post? Thanks!

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I have attached below two simple RDL files that contain their own stand alone SQL statement (so no SQL table is needed). These files both render fine in SSRS 2014.


The yellow cell is the cell we want to focus on. The yellow cell is also set to unhide/toggle the group "GroupB". When the report named ARenderBug.rdl is executed on PowerBI RS it will not show the text or the toggle in the yellow cell unlike the other report or SSRS 2014.


Both files appear the same but differ in the "can grow" property. In the case of the working report, the "can grow" property per row is the same option per cell (false or true). But in "ARenderBug", there is a mix of "can grow" property states per cell. If the yellow cell is set to "can grow" false, and either of the two cells to the right is set to true, then the text and plus sign disappear from the browser display in the yellow cell. But it will still appear on Excel downloads etc.





Hope this helps.  If you still want me to submit the to the other forum, just let me know. 


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I submitted this as a bug to the referenced link above.  

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FYI - I upgrade my reporting enviroment to SP2 CU5 and this still persists to be a problem.  



For the reports attached, they are still using "shared data sources" and so I cannot render them locally. You can repro this by uploading those reports to your server and trying to render them without making any other changes. Can you please attach the ones with the local data source you mentioned earlier that can be rendered without any changes? Thanks.

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Edit the report and change the data source "DataSource1" to point to your own SQL Server. 

The SQL in DataSet1 doesn't require a table on your server.  But you do have to have a SQL Server to execute the statement.  


Thanks, I can repro and can see the cause of the issue now. We'll need to do a bit more investigation however on the desired behavior. Do you have a link to the bug you opened at

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Hi, here is the link 3142881.   


I tried several times to upload these files to that site but they never appeared as part of this ticket.  But at least you have the files here.  


The desired behavior is that the text in the second column displays (see the other file "ARenderWorks.rdl" for the proper behavior).  

Also, as I stated the problem appears when there is a mixed state of "can grow" properties on a single row.  If all "can grow" properties are the same (true or false) then the rendering works.  


@Anonymous thanks for attaching the reports I found the bug on our end and the RDLs were attached successfully. We'll take a look at this and see what we can do. Thanks!

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