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Power BI Report Server SSRS Subscription



I have a SSRS report and I imported it to PBIRS. I have arranged e-mail subscriptions and that is ok.


My problem is, sometimes my report returns no result and I do not want PBIRS to send any e mail. Now, it sends e-mail with no result, just empty colons.


How can I handle this?


Best regards.

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You can only use the data driven subscription if the PBIRS instance is on an enterprise license.


If it is not, you can stop the schedule in PBIRS but still leave the job intact so you have the To: , cc: etc and get the nice report server formatting.


Then from the SQL Agent create you own scheduled job that calls the PBIRS job. You'll need to look up the SQLAgent guid.

You can use this and change 'YOUR REPORT NAME%' accordingly:

use ReportServer
select S.ScheduleID as SQLAgent_Job_Name
	,SUB.Description as Sub_Desc
	,SUB.DeliveryExtension as Sub_Del_Extension
	, as ReportName
	,C.Path as ReportPath
	FROM ReportSchedule RS
inner join Schedule S on (RS.ScheduleID = S.ScheduleID)
inner join Subscriptions SUB on (RS.SubscriptionID = SUB.SubscriptionID)
left join [Catalog] C on (
		RS.ReportID = C.ItemID
		and SUB.Report_OID = C.ItemID
where like '%YOUR REPORT NAME%' --Enter Report Name to find Job_Name
ORDER BY SUB.LastRunTime desc

Pseudo code for the agent job would be like


If @rows > 0


USE msdb EXEC sp_start_job @Anonymous_name = 'A00E3318-9D97-45E8-8476-526118CA62B1' /*Enter SQLAgent_Job_Name for PBIRS job*/




Return /* nothing to do */


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Additionally, if you have a PBI RS you have the Enterprise Edition. So you have the option to create data driven subscriptions.

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You can create a data driven subscription. In the query where you select  the data, you can make the check if the report should send. If not, the row is not in the resultset.

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Hello @Anonymous,


Can you give more detail? For instance, my mail query is below:


if (select COUNT(*) from MIX.rapor.vIkMailRaporu) > 1





'mail adresses of my company'

as Mail




else begin

select ' ' as Mail



 where should I make this check? I want PBIRS not to send e mail if my report has no result. 


Best regards.

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