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Advocate I

Organizational account credentials from Power BI Server?



I've created a report with a Sharepoint Folder data source (specificaly, an excel xlsx file in a folder of my Sharepoint site). My Sharepoint is hosted on Sharepint Online and I access it via Organizational Credentials. I've been able to do it in Power BI Desktop for Report Server (October 2017).


Once I publish my report to POwer BI Server, I go to "Manage > Data Source" , there in Credentials I can only choose Anoymous or WIndows Authentication.


Is there a way to have a report pulling data from Sharepoint Online from Power BI Server as of now? (and have it refresh on a scheduled basis).


THe idea is to have some select users edit data in the EXcel file, and management can open the report done in POwerBI. (I'd like to avoid having to open the report in PowerBI Desktop and republish it everytime there is a change in the data source, which is what I am doing for now.)


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I cannot see this feature in May 2019 Report Server at all, release is from 20th May and no newer file is available for download. I wish they would be more clear on when we can actually expect this fix, not when the Power BI team have fixed it in some un-released version.

You are right, nothing seems to have changed.




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I'm also needing this functionality.  Everything works well on Power BI Server, but on both Report Server and in my Data Gateway I don't have an option to use an organizational account.  All of our data is on SharePoint and is locked up. 

14-11-2019 and still a problem... WTF. It should just be so simple for Microsoft Power BI RS to connect to Microsoft Sharepoint and open up a Microsoft Excel file and pull the data in.
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This problem has been solved by Power Bi Team.


Edit credentials ---> choose "OAuth2" in Authentication method ---> sign in 

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Advocate II



Is there any solution to this issue?



Regular Visitor

This needs to be resolved or solved, 


Currently there is NO way to set up a scheduled refresh, if your file is on ONE DRIVE, or SHARE POINT, where you need to login using the "Organisational Account" credentials option. 


It will work in PowerBI Desktop, but as soon as you publish from there to PowerBI online, when you try to set up a scheduled refresh you will get the following error:


"Your data source can't be refreshed because the credentials are invalid. Please update your credentials and try again."


If you from there try to edit the credentials, the only options you will have are:


- Anonymous

- Windows

- Basic


Unlike PowerBI Desktop, no "Organisational Account" option!


This is basic functionality that should ought to really have been fixed a while ago!

I eventually solved the problem for myself ! 


For some reason power bi desktop used a http:// link to my organizational account and this worked in power bi. 

As soon as I changed this link to https:// and did a new export of the data to power bi online the refresh worked just fine !

Mine is actually a https:// url and its not working...



Did you pick Oauth2 in powerbi online ?

Oauth 2 isn't an option in Power BI Online

When I go to datasets >> security, the only credential options are






I've ended up using Dataflows, the Excel File import connector (which supports both Online Excel files, so I can just point it to my OneDrive file, AND Organisational Account as a fourth option credential option)


Then in Power BI Desktop, I use the Dataflow Connector


Then in Power BI Online, when I go to datasets >> security, there is no credential error, and it all works fine!


The only downside is that I'm having to introduce another gate or stage in the whole data flow, as follows:


One Drive >> Power BI Data Flow >> PowerBI Desktop >> Power BI Online


When, I'd have prefered


One Drive >> Power BI Desktop >> Power BI Online


As a result there is a chain of scheduled refreshes I need to set up


1) Power BI DataFlow - refresh at 6:00 am (refresh on demand takes about 5-7 mins)

2) Power BI Online - refresh at 6:30 am (refresh on demand takes about 3-5 mins)


With my preferred option, I'd only have had to do

1) Power BI Online - refresh at 6:30 am (refresh on demand taking about 3-5 mins)


If anyone knows of a solution to get my preferred option working, would be really grateful!


- ST

Not to be rude, but please stay on topic. This thread is about Power BI Report Server, not Power BI online service.

This thread is in the Report Server forum, not the Power BI Online Service forum. If you have a similiar issue to the one described here, please open a new thread in the correct forum for the correct product.

Please, do not hijack the thread with non related issues. Thanks.

Sorry about that.


The thread topic was so similar, that I didn't notice it was Power BI server. I found it via Google, so would probably blame Google's pagerank algorithm. 


No intention to "hijack" the thread, as you word it.


Surprising though that it appears to be an issue on BOTH Power BI Server AND Power BI probably, and actually, still quite relevant!

Frequent Visitor

Hi, I'm also facing the same issue. Does anyone knows a solution to it? I've upraded to Mar 2018 Report Server version too.

have you been able to solve this problem ? I have the same issue....

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