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Need Help Configuring User Access in Power BI Report Server

Hi everyone,

I'm using Power BI Report Server and need some assistance with configuring user access. I want to achieve the following:

  1. View-Only Access: Users should be able to view reports without entering a username and password.
  2. Administrative Access: For accessing the administrative environment of the report server, entering a username and password should be mandatory.

Could anyone guide me on how to set up these configurations? Any advice or practical examples would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much

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Thank you for answering my question.

I am using the free version of Report Server and have a cloud server where the report is deployed. Users access the report using a public IP address, which I plan to later replace with a domain name. The server is not a member of an internal network domain. I would like to find a way for the end user to access the URL without being prompted for a username and password.

Thanks in Regards😊

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

1. If you have a fully qualified domain name in the url link the browser should not prompt end users to login. e.g. Also, I would recommend using a CNAME or alias for the server e.g. so then if you need to migrate to a different server all you need the infrastructure team to do is update the new server with the CNAME and all your links can stay the same. I'd also recommend using a wildcard certificate on the server.


2. I would use Active Directory security groups for folder access and a service account to run the data sources. The Active Directory groups can be setup to be managed by an administrator group. Then you can have your team added to the administrator group to then manage access to the folders.

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