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Issues connecting Report Server (on DMZ) to SSAS cube (on local LAN)

Hi all,


I have a client that hs the following requirements:

- Enable external users to connect to their DMZ and show them Power BI reports

- Implement Row Level Security for those users

- Load the data from an internal SSAS cube


I'm trying to configure the following architecture in order to achieve this, but I'm having two problems I can't solve and I'm starting to think this architecture is not actually possible.


The issues I have are:

  1. Can't manage to allow Report Server (DMZ) to connect to the cube (internal LAN).
  2. Can't manage to configure Row Level Security on Power BI


1- When I create the report on Power BI and connect to SSAS, I don't have any option regarding the authentication method, so I assume it uses windows authentication, which works inside the LAN, but when I save the report to the Report Server on the DMZ (outside the domain) it doesn't work anymore.

Is it possible to connect to SSAS using a non domain user? I don't see any option.


2- When I talked to Microsoft support they told me that in this architecture I would need to implement Row Level Security on the Power BI side, but when I edit the report on Power BI (connected to SSAS), the "manage roles" option is greyed out and I cant configure any security. 



Thanks for any help you can provide!

If this architecture is not possible, I would like to know which would be the recommended solution in order to meet my client's requirements.




Juan Manuel

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I know I'm late to the party. 


The only workaround I can think of is to upgrade your SSAS to 2017 which has the option to add external users as well. 


I'm intrested to know how did you re-architectured the solution to your client.



Hari T

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