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Granting access to new email addresses

Hello!  I used to work for CompanyA whose emails were structured   A company called CorporateB bought CompanyA at the end of last year.  All the people from CompanyA have two email accounts - and .  All of the people from CorporateB have one email account (  None of the people from CorporateB have access to the Report Server that came with CompanyA because Report Server does not recognized CorporateB emails as within the organization.  The Report Server only recognizes people who have the Name@CompanyA email addresses. How can I modify Report Server such that it recognizes people from CorporateB as members of the overall organization? 

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

This is a bit beyond the scope of Power BI, and in general data & analytics. You will need to work with the IT/infrastructure group figure out a solution. The Report Server from company A is not recognizing folks users/emails from CorporateB probably because the server is not part of CorporateB's network.

Please work with your IT admin to discuss what the path forward is because typically in projects like this (merges & acquisitions), one company's data, users, processes etc. are migrated to another company's systems.

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