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Bug in Report Builder



I'm new to report builder and just found this article when trying to sort out a format issue at runtime:


This is not working correctly because it Paginated reports doesn't understand what "Overlap" is.
I have two separate items on the page, a table on the right and a chart on the left, there is no overlap because the chart has a fixed size and therefore can't spill over the table.
When the report is run, the chart - which is supposed to be on the same page as the table - gets pushed off to below the end of the table even though there is no overlap between the two.
Report Builder should be using something like this algorithm at rendering time once it's figured out the display sizes and positions of the report components:
Item1vPos = + item1.height;
Item1hPos = item1.left+item1.width;
 if (Item1vpos >= and Item1vpos<= then (vOverlap)=true;
 if (Item1hpos >= item2.left and Item1hpos<= item2.left+item2.width) then (hvOverlap)=true;
Overlap = vOverlap && hOverlap 
There should also be an option to turn off overlap detection because it's breaking my report and I'm not the only person who's had problems with it.
It would be even better if it were possible to use a layout "table" like you might in HTML to fix this issue.


I'd really like to see this as a feature because it would take the product forward in leaps and bounds to have a predictable layout.

Apologies to your ears,


The Cognosaur.

Super User
Super User

This is not really a bug, it's a documented behaviour of some of the rendering engines. So you other than waiting for a possible upgrade to the rendering engines which have this limitation you have 2 options:


  1. Use one of the other rendering targets (like PDF) which does support overlapping elements
  2. Alter your report design to eliminate the overlap

I know you mentioned that your chart and table don't overlap, but if the position is being adjusted then the combination of these two elements must be wider than the printable page width. It could be that the margins are too large or that there is some whitespace or something that has not been accounted for. But if both your elements are fixed width it should be possible to configure them so they do not move on the page.

Neither of those statements are true. The objects do not overlap and the same result occurs in PDF format. All the objects work with a fixed width, but the rendering engine computes an overlap if a table runs parallel with an object below it, even if the object is a fixed width and to the left of the table.
I found a workaround by embedding the objects in rectangles to separate the page into three columns so that the rendering engine was fooled into thinking that the heights didn't overlap - yay me 🤣
I look forward to seeing this improve with future releases.

The Cognosaur.

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